Mankato sees boost in auto sales

Honda dealer thrives despite damages in Japan

Auto sales numbers indicate all car dealers in Mankato are enjoying a strong rebound.

For the first time since the 2008 recession hit, Mankato dealers topped the 1,000 mark in monthly auto sales.

“Since July we’ve doubled our inventory and more than doubled our sales, and our service department has been the same,” said Kerry Lindsay, general manager of the Mankato Luther Honda dealership.

While many Honda dealers saw their inventories shrink because of the tsunami damage to plants in Japan, the Mankato location was allocated extra vehicles because it had just opened a larger store off Madison Ave.

Low-mileage inventory tight

Dealers say consumers who put off purchases the past couple of years are to the point where they need a different vehicle. A strong farm economy is also helping drive sales of pickup trucks.

The inventory of lower-mileage used vehicles continues to be tight as a result of people holding off on trading their vehicles in.

Lindsay said they’ve started a program where they take trade-ins and also buy used cars outright from the public. As a result they get about 15 or 20 used cars a month.


About elenajade

I am a graduate in Mass Media and English from Minnesota State University, Mankato where I was formerly the News Editor for the student-run newspaper, the Reporter. Currently, I am a front desk clerk at GrandStay Residential Suites, and I just finished up an internship at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Mankato, MN. I grew up in the small town of Phillips, WI and am open to job opportunities in large, metro areas because I've come to enjoy city life through all of my experiences and travels. At this moment, I plan to move to Los Angeles in August 2012 in hopes of starting a great career.

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