Twitter: Not the fad I thought it was going to be

When Twitter first came out I thought it was going to be a fad. I thought it was all about telling people what you had for breakfast, what you bought at the grocery store and ranting about the weird woman you saw walking down the street. That was two years ago, but last year, I finally got an account to promote the stories from the Reporter at Minnesota State University, Mankato where I was working as the news editor. I used it to get word out about the stories in my section. It wasn’t until we started a blog though, that I realized how Twitter could help my career. It was more of a humorous blog, and when I would tweet links to my posts, people began actually coming up to me in person to talk to me about my post because they saw the link on Twitter and read it. People were really reading what I was tweeting, I just hadn’t realized it!

Fast forward to today. I’m using Twitter more through my mass media class, and I’ve started using it to communicate more with classmates about assignments and other topics that come up about the community. I’ve found that it’s easier to do this with Twitter than it is with Facebook even. I would go so far as to say that I have weaned myself off Facebook by using Twitter. Facebook is so massive that anything I post can easily be lost or passed over. With Twitter though, it’s more immediate. When I look at someone’s tweet I think, “I have to reply to this now before other tweets push it to the bottom of the page and I lose it.” So when there is something that even mildly interests me, I feel the need to reply or comment on it immediately before I lose it. With Facebook, I feel like I have more time to come back and reply to it, and I usually end up forgetting about what I even wanted to comment on in the first place.

What I’ve come to like most about Twitter is how news is communicated. I can get a really brief summary of an article, and if I’m interested the link is right there for me. It’s convenient and a lot of content can be posted this way. Photos can also be posted, which sometimes makes me more interested to learn more about the subject. It’s quick, it’s easy (it’s actually so easy that understanding the easiness of it becomes the hardest part of learning it), you get only the information you choose and it’s perfect for people with short attention spans. (That’s you America.)


About elenajade

I am a graduate in Mass Media and English from Minnesota State University, Mankato where I was formerly the News Editor for the student-run newspaper, the Reporter. Currently, I am a front desk clerk at GrandStay Residential Suites, and I just finished up an internship at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in Mankato, MN. I grew up in the small town of Phillips, WI and am open to job opportunities in large, metro areas because I've come to enjoy city life through all of my experiences and travels. At this moment, I plan to move to Los Angeles in August 2012 in hopes of starting a great career.

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