Minnesota State University sees increase in enrollment

Higher number of students creates need for renovations on satellite campus

This year the Minnesota State University campus has more new faces than usual.

The university had an almost 1 percent increase in total enrollment from last year. The number of first-year students this year is 2,465, which is up 4.4 percent from last year students. They’re not alone though—the university also saw a 1.7 percent increase in transfer students and the number of graduate students has nearly doubled since 2009.

MSU Admissions Director Brain Jones said the increase in enrollment is something they’ve been expecting. Total enrollment at MSU is now 15,547, which is closing in on the largest university in the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, St. Cloud State.

Students take off-site courses in multimedia classrooms

Renovations on the MSU at 7700 France campus will include one multimedia classroom.

The rise in enrollment is due in part to the prospering satellite campus MSU at 7700 France. The campus, which was established in 2008, started with 420 students in 6 classrooms. This year, almost 700 students enrolled and a 10 percent increase annually in enrollment is projected. It’s become apparent that the students have outgrown the space available, so the previously 12,271 square foot space leased by MSU is being expanded to 27,000 square feet. Renovations are expected to be completed this October.

Becky Copper-Glenz, MSU’s dean for the College of Extended Learning, said the campus changes are focusing solely on classroom expansion.

“We knew when we moved here that there would be a lot of demand,” Copper-Glenz said.

The expansion will add 9 classrooms, one of which will contain monitors and cameras that will allow students to participate in off-site courses.

Scott Neal, Edina city manager, said the MSU satellite campus fits in well with the information technology and health care industries in its community.

“It’s a nice fit with our local economy,” Neal said. “It’s good not only for local residents, but for the region as well.”

I would include a video with this story that would highlight the number of students on campus. Talking to transfer students as to why they chose to come to MSU would also be something I would include. I think it would be important to visit the MSU at 7700 France extension to show some of the construction and talk to students and officials there about the importance and necessity of more classroom space.

Alt link for the image: Students take off-site courses in multimedia classrooms

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